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the history of our company

PITCH humble beginnings came from the dynamism of its President, Mr. Glenn Torres Illustrisimo. Glenn is currently  President and CEO of GRET Marketing, Inc. and PITCH, Inc.


GRET MARKETING, a privately held distribution company, is approaching its 16th year in the business.  The company  serves  the  most  critical  and  demanding  markets  for  clinical chemistry  equipment  and  automated  analyzer  systems. The company work closely  with principal sellers like Randox, Neomedica, Urith,  Tosoh, and have trained the professional   service   team composed of medical technologist and engineers abroad to take care of product presentation,  installation of machines and  aftersales  service.  Being  a  exclusive  distributor  of multinational companies makes the company maintain a good and credible status in the Diagnostic distribution industry today.


In the early part of the 20’s, Glenn came up of another innovation in the industry by creating the most important product that will connect machines with a software which could facilitate faster data management.  This is the Laboratory Information System. A laboratory information system (LIS) is a computer system that helps to manage many aspects of a medical laboratory, including inputting, processing, and storing the information and data of a laboratory.

PITCH was established to support IT Business Solutions Development. Our traditional business model is based on the accomplishment of integrating data processes with machines and databases.


The LIS gave a more promising life to medical machines which serve the entire laboratory staff, be efficient and effective in all aspects of laboratory data.


To realize this,  Mr. Illustrisimo  brought together expert teams of developers, Project Managers and Business Development to explore the possibilities of advancing Laboratory Systems, they are now named as the PITCH.


PITCH can connect  machine with another machine and integrate them to the main software of the client. This is the works of LIS version 2 which is web-based.   The company is working on different business solutions like Payroll System, Inventory System and data management systems.  They can customize other programs for the use of the client to promote customer-orientedness.


PITCH make sure that what they offer the is the best product and equipment to its    customers.  The company involves their customers in the staging, planning and proper execution of each project. The company keep its prices competitive to reach all market types and support continous education like seminars and trainings to its end users.

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