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Professional Information Technologies & Communications Hub (PITCH),

is a member of the GTI Equity Ventures Group.

“ At PITCH, we envision ourselves as the preferred technology integrator in the realization of the best business solutions in the market.”

The company has been established to support IT Business Solutions Development. Our  innovative and flexible business model is based on the accomplishment of integrating data processes with machines and databases.


Graph on Computer

Laboratory Information System

Flexible Payment Planning

Basic Payroll System

Globalization concept

Mobile Application System

Office Meeting

Management System

Checking Inventory

Inventory System



Computer Repair

Hardware Set-up and Configuration

Install and configure Servers and Workstations

Network Cable Technician

Network Set-up and Installation

Consultancy and Project Management

Hard Drive Backup

Cloud Backup

Consultancy and Project Management



Laboratory Information System

VIA 2.0 Plus

is a browser based system that is accessible online and offline. It automates basic laboratory workflow for an accurate and efficient processes and results. It is anchored on core real time data analytics through dashboard to support management decision making.

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560 Skylight GTI EVG Building, San Joaquin Street,

Brgy. Plainview, Mandaluyong City, Philippines, 1550

(02) 8 573 2857

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